Food: Marleys Mellow Mood Green Tea with Honey – “Why should I have to be the one to not say what’s on my mind?”

I won’t lie, I’ve been in a very angry place this past week, a combination of disruption to my gym schedule by paperpushers trying to save pennies, two overly aggressive male cyclists being utter dicks, a massively passive aggressive prat at work being such a gutless coward and the Foo Fighters being on every single time I stick on a music channel.

So I eagerly embraced trying Marleys Mellow Mood Green Tea with Honey which promised that “The natural botanical ingredients in this product have been specially blended to mellow your mood.”

marley's mellow mood

That may well be the case but I nearly spat out my first mouthful as it taste of overly sweet stale cold tea. I probably should have seen this coming given the ingredients are decaffeinated green and black tea extracts, herbal extracts and honey, but the desire to chill out overrode my common sense.

My fabulous spouse drank the rest of the failed experiment with a look of  resignation whilst I frantically scrabbled to think of a way to ditch the massive reserve of bubbling anger that I still had.

I should probably have tried to mediate, but 1,000 calories of chocolate, a bottle of pre-mixed vodka and Five Finger Death Punch have made me feel pretty good so we will call that a win.

5fdp five finger death punch

(Five Finger Death Punch)

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