Food: The Food Doctor’s Apple, Elderberry & Blackberry granola – What are your medical qualifications exactly?

It’s a Monday, this should be a book post, but as I feel that eating a book would be preferable to eating this granola I think it counts.

I can’t remember why I started eating granola, it was probably some dodgy recommendation from the guy at the gym. Either way my granola of choice is an expensive brand so I am always up for trying another brand if it is on offer.

food doctor granola

This is how I ended up trying The Food Doctor’s Apple, Elderberry & Blackberry granola and this is why my open-door trying policy is officially ending.

It tastes like indifferent granola was soaked in cheap squash and then chucked in a packet with some random seeds.

I tried it on two separate mornings and the rest of the packet is going in the bin, I never bin food but this is too rubbish to eat.

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