Nails: Cowboys nails – Taking you for a ride

There are a lot of cowboys in this world, I am using the British definition of the word so think less big hats, old fashioned values and horses, but more dishonesty, scams and lying.

I won’t get into the gory details but it was amusing enough (in an ironic sort of way) that looking at cowboy themed nail art seemed a nice touch to my week!

However I forgot that the internet is fickle, when I looked for “cowboy nails” I was thinking big hats and horses… maybe guns… but instead I got American football.

I have no idea if the Dallas Cowboys are any good, but these nails are sort of inoffensive I suppose

cowboy nails

(Photo from Pinterest)

In particular when contrasted with these:

cowboy nails with coors

(Photo from Pinterest)

Personally, and this is purely a personal opinion, having alcohol related nails might be a sign that you have a problem – seriously.

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