Music: King 810 – Hard to miss

Channel Hopping found me the video for King 810’s ‘Fat Around the Heart’, I vaguely recognised the name (they used to just be called King) and the video was interesting in a thuggish sort of way – people with hoods and bandannas running amok in an urban environment.

Musically it wasn’t anything overly original but the vocals on the chorus made me laugh.

At which point I wondered what else King 810 had done and where they came from – I was aware that they are currently signed to Roadrunner Records. Given Roadrunner’s track record this generally means the band are going to get massively screwed – or they may be one of the lucky (?) ones who the label keeps churning out the same sound for ever.

king 810 arrested

(Photo from RockSound)

Possibly the most interesting thing about King 810 is the lack of official background currently available on the internet. The videos make it clear that King 810 consider Flint, Michigan to be home, which could be seen as telling given the crime rate, economic melt down and general anarchy that has plagued the area since the mid 2000s, the seed was which was sown by General Motors closing down pretty much everything in the 1980s.

Typing “king 810” into a search engine tends to get results along the lines of assault, bad behaviour and the word “hater” being used way too much by the bands ‘fans’. The more vocal internet-using fans seem pretty offputting to the point where I am going to refrain from commenting further.

However as King 810 have recently been announced as touring with Slipknot they will probably only get more vocal and hard to avoid.

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