Book: Terry Pratchett’s ‘Wintersmith’ – “Because no man wants to be a coward in front of a cheese”

I bought ‘Wintersmith’ in error, I saw the word “Discworld” on the cover and assumed that it was one of his usual adult books. It wasn’t, it was actually aimed as Young Adults.

It was also the third in a series about Tiffany Aching – but I hadn’t read the other two. Despite this I read it and enjoyed certain aspects.

Tiffany is about 13 years old in this book, she is pretty smart and rather determined, she is also friends with the Nac Mac Feegles who are little blue men who like drinking and fighting.


Crucially the book featured Granny Weathwax, my favourite Pratchett books have Granny in (‘Wyrd Sisters’, ‘Witches Abroad’ and ‘Lords and Ladies’) and the newer books have been poorer for her absence. Having Nanny Ogg back was also rather nice.

The plot itself is basically a reworking of Orpheus’ Decent into the Underworld with a little bit of Pratchett’s ‘Mort’ thrown in. Tiff kisses the Wintersmith and upsets the balance between Winter and Summer, in fact the Wintersmith gets a little obsessed and starts creating Tiffany-shaped snowflakes and even icebergs. These bits were fun, the  bits with Granny & Nanny were fun, the rest I wasn’t too bothered about although it reached a decent enough end and things looked promising between Tiff and a young man named Roland.

Not bad for a young adult book and more enjoyable that at least one of the more recent adult Pratchett books.

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