Film: Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence – “That’s why I had to run, halfway across the world, and I’m still running”

There really didn’t need to be a sequel to ‘Ghost Rider’, if there had to be a sequel then someone should have insisted that everyone have some serious acting lessons prior to filming, also someone really should have spent serious money on a decent script.

ghost rider 2

Unfortunately none of the above points were considered in the making of ‘Ghost Rider 2’. It ends up being a stinking mess of a film even allowing for the fact that all the extras, and probably some of the main cast, seem to have been hired from Romanian villages that happened to be next to the film sites.

Add in a half baked plot about a demonic child, some c**p about being able to get Johnny’s soul back and CGI of pee on fire and you’ve got a film so bad that it goes back to the charity shop even faster than Johnny can melt the bad guys.

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