Food: Vegesentials Celery, Apple, Kale & Kiwi Juice – So so green

I am trying to be mindful about what I eat, trying being the operative word as I seem to be fixated on sugar right now due to weird stuff at work STILL being ongoing.

So to try and balance the scales I am trying odd juice – I am planning to get a juicer in the new house and to REALLY try to get on with it this time… the last juicer was a cheap mistake that didn’t paint anyone in a good light.

This week’s random juice was Vegesentials Celery, Apple, Kale & Kiwi Juice, as you can probably guess it was very very green.


It was also disgusting. The balance is apparently 40% Celery, 40%, Apple, then 10 each of Kale and Kiwi, I am not sure what percentage of pond slime is in this but it tastes about 92%.

Even on offer I am never buying this drink again no matter how good for me it claims to be! The Savse ones are much nicer!

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