Curious: A not so subtle Christmas hint

We have not given any particular thought to my Husband’s sister’s children and Christmas presents. Partly as it is nearly October and secondly because I have no interest in Nel* or anything to do with her – Husband has many virtues but not necessarily the organising and buying of presents.

Bearing in mind that we give and get nothing in return – not even a thank you card.

We also have next to no contact with them apart from Nel forcefully and artificially inserting herself into anytime that we visit Husbands’s parents; to the degree that it feels like she is terrified of Husband having anytime with them and thus breaking her monopoly on them.


(Photo from The Guardian)

Anyway, a random email from Husband’s mother arrived a day or so ago, Nel has no ideas what the children would like or need so wants “money in an envelope”.

In December the children will be 10 months old and four & a half years. My views on her suggestion can be best summed up by my going onto the Oxfam website and being delighted that I can buy manure for some impoverished farmer and get a card saying this has been done.

However I am aware that this could potentially not be met with a warm reception so am leaving the decision up to Husband – who I am rather hoping fails to organise something as that might be funnier than manure… Although less of a statement!

*This may not be her real name but it far politer than what I normally call her.

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