Book: Lee Carroll’s ‘Black Swan Rising’ – “Time rushes by, love rushes by, life rushes by, but the Red Shoes go on”

This book does not come from a single mind, Lee Carroll is a pseudonym for Carol Goodman and her husband Lee Slonimsky.

Slonimsky is a poet and a hedge fund manager, a combination that potentially sounds like a hallmark of a total w***er – it seems that the world’s economic issues and the role of bankers & speculative funds in this have left its mark on my view of the world.

‘Black Swan Rising’ is the first in a trilogy, I read it when it came out and remembered it being very descriptive and painting beautiful visuals, so I had high hopes when I went to reread it.

black swan rising

My memory wasn’t entirely accurate, the book is descriptively pretty but far bleaker than I remembered. The economic downturn is the driver and mood setter for the books events, fundamentally no one is happy and there is a scene which could be a trigger for some people.

Plotwise, Garet James lives in New York and designs jewellery for a living – her father owns an art gallery and neither of them seem to have recovered from the death of her mother several years previously.

Garet and her father are enjoying the Western World’s economic downturn as much as every other ordinary person, so she jumps at the chance to open a vintage silver box in return for a large sum of money despite the shopkeeper offering the money seeming a bit odd. It helps that the box bears the same swan symbol as is on her mother’s ring.

Naturally opening the box means that bad and weird things happen – goodness knows how Garet has missed hearing about Pandora’s box or having even a passing awareness of the plot of ‘Hellraiser’.

beach lsd mannequin wendy's

(Nothing to do with the book, I just needed a laugh after reading it)

The supernatural elements of the book – excluding Will the vampire, were interesting and done rather well, but Garet was very dull and two-dimensional.

Failing to care about the main character does make me wondering why I am reading the book and the descriptions weren’t pretty enough to make up for this void.

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