Book: Laurell K Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ (Anita Blake 2) – “All I had gained so far was a wider variety of nightmares”

‘The Laughing Corpse’ is a slightly stomach-churning book, I had remembered as much but I’d forgotten how much half eaten babies gross me out.

We get to meet Manny Rodriguez who want Anita’s mentor – although that was before she found out he’d made human sacrifices. Anita’s Christian faith (Episcopal) is mentioned lots in this book, it is interesting to see how she balances that with raising zombies – which the Catholic Church has deemed unholy.

There are very few vampires and lots of zombie-related ick. No Edward either.

the laughing corpse

This book reinforces why the series was marketed as “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter’, the zombie stuff is either very dull or very gross.

This book was never a serious consideration to keep and rereading it enforced that, it is too grim for my tastes, babies being half-devoured whilst they are alive and monstrous constructs are too nightmare-inducing to keep.

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