TV: The 100 – “On the Ground, there is no Law”

I don’t have a great track record with post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama, I tend to get bored, find plot holes and start heckling.

The plot for ‘The 100’ is that about one hundred years ago there was a nuclear war or something equally stupid and destructive, so people ended up living in space. There are now somewhere over 2,000 of them and the punishment for most crimes is to “be floated” – aka blown out into space.

the 100

(Best bit of the show so far).

However if you are under 18 and commit a crime you get kept in prison for a bit then released (or probably floated, I wasn’t really listening) – at the start of the series there are 100 juvies in detention until someone has the bright idea of sending them to earth to see if it is hospitable yet.

They land on earth, it all goes a bit Lord of the Flies, there are some existing inhabitants on Earth who aren’t overly friendly and the juvies’ parents spend their time squabbling in space.

I’ve watched 9 episodes so far and it’s all very predictable and rather dull, although the characters are possibly slightly less stupid than those in Revolution – for the most part they have the excuse of being young and naïve having been kept alive in a fairly cushy prison cell, whereas everyone in ‘Revolution’ was old enough to know better.

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