Curious: Jinx!

I am very cautions of jinxing things and have been for as long as I remember. It must have been something that I picked up as a child, probably from my parents – although most of their lifestyle choices have been far from cautious!

Jinxing something basically means to take an outcome too much for granted and then watch it crumble to dust.

For example, if a particular football team were doing well and started publically speaking about how great it is going to be to win the tournament then they are tempting bad luck, they are tempting the jinx.

black cat

(Photo from The Guardian)

As such I am not overly delighted that the people we are trying to buy a house from have booked their movers for a set day, that happens to be just over a week away, without any dates having been agreed! The date in question is the one that suits them and I do think they are asking for trouble by having done this – despite the fact that I would LOVE to move ASAP I do think the whole paperwork and money being sorted first might be rather essential.

I’m very eager to try to balance out the jinx but oddly enough there hasn’t been much funding on scientific study of how to do this.

However the internet is full of iffy advice about how to get good luck, including:

“take risks”… uh huh

“be positive” … well I am positive that I want to move

“open your mind”… I am very open to that fact that leaving 13 weeks form putting your house on the market to giving birth is a dumb idea, but that didn’t stop the seller!

“stop looking for something else” … thank you Reader’s Digest, that is just awful advice and WTF does it even mean – apart from don’t go near Reader’s Digest.

And the most irritating “be open to opportunities”. Ok so in my circumstances should I be open to the spectacle that is a woman giving birth whilst being carried out of her former home by the movers? If it were filmed it might make a tidy profit on the internet I suppose, however it might also make a big mess in my NEARLY nice, new home.

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