Book: Laurell K Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ and ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ (Anita Blake 3 and 4) – “You are an abomination before God”

Still working through the Anita Blake series and I am finding that my memory had declined to retain some key details.

‘Circus of the Damned’ is VERY vampire heavy. Edward is back again, briefly but usefully – he gives Anita dangerous toys.

We get to meet Richard, we even find out what Richard is, but there isn’t much Richard drama yet… I’m enjoying the lack of drama, it won’t last.

We meet Larry, we wonder how long it will be before Larry gets chewed by something.

This book is basically setting up the love triangle between Anita and Richard and Jean-Claude; the bad vampires act as a plot device to let Anita see Jean-Claude to be less monstrous, the were-beasties almost start getting personalities too – allowing for the big reveal at the ending.

It is a good bridge book, stuff happens and it gives a feel for how the larger game is played, nice to have read but not good enough to keep when I am desperate to clear down what I own.

circus of the damned

‘The Lunatic Café’ is surprisingly weak overall – I mean no one really wants to read about a were-monster snuff film. There are missing shape-shifters and Richard has been keeping secrets – namely that he is in the midst of a war with his pack Alpha but has declined to kill him. Richard also proposes to Anita but without her fully understanding him and his beast – and so begins the Richard drama.

Edward is involved again – which should be a reason to celebrate but Richard’s drama overshadows it, that and the giggling at someone being cursed to change into a swan.

The Richard drama promises to continue as a) Anita is dating both him and Jean-Claude and b) Richard didn’t kill the pack alpha in this book.

No zombies in this book, in fact Anita pretty much plays normal human in this one – admitted an armed human… but in this company who wouldn’t be armed!

Were-monster snuff films are a good reason to NOT keep this book.

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