Book: Laurell K Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ and ‘The Killing Dance’ (Anita Blake 5 and 6) – “Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that’ll eat your eyeballs if you’re not paying attention.”

I’m STILL working through the Anita Blake series and increasingly wondering how Anita functions on so little sleep and food… oh wait she doesn’t, she just collapses from her injuries and is then unconscious for days at a time.

Please don’t read the below if you are under 18 or over 18 and easily offended/immature, the book isn’t suitable for you at all.

‘Bloody Bones’ starts with zombies but rapidly goes all vampy. On the were-beasties front there is barely any Richard and a tiny bit of Jason – in the role of Jean-Claude’s servant.

There is no Edward. There is some Larry, but in a disposable sort of way. We start to see Anita butting heads with local police, in particular a female one – it honestly feels like Anita starts randomly being a b*tch to people.

bloody bones

I was half tempted to keep this one, but the rotting vampires trying to ***k Jason really puts me off. I really hadn’t remembered the earlier books having this much sex, rape and attempted both in them, there is still a crime scene related plot in the books but it is starting to feel almost incidental.

‘The Killing Dance’ has Edward in it and he basically single-handed saves the day – yay! BUT it also has rape/attempted rape – more than once (yes men can be raped by women so I am counting it), cannibalism, rotting vampires and lots of Richard drama.

Richard is now an annoying character, he can’t reconcile his human self and his werewolf self, then acts surprised when Anita can’t. He is prone to tantrums – which is dangerous to innocent bystanders given he has werewolf strength, and he just some really rubbish dialogue.

The impressions that I got about Richard in this book (book six) still hold true by book twenty and they are not complementary! This is a pity as I don’t think it was necessary for Hamilton to dumb him down to a jealous ex-boyfriend who could be a current boyfriend if only he’d not mind her shagging other guys!

I was already aware that I disliked rape being used as a plot device, there are plenty of ways to put people in peril without it, pre-blog I did stop reading a series by Rachel Vincent as rape/attempted rape was used too often for my tastes. I do want to get to book 9 in the Anita Blake series but I am finding it harder going than I expected.

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