Film: ‘From Paris With Love’ – “you do realize that I am not Special Ops certified, right?”

I don’t know what I expected from a film taken from a story written by Luc Besson, but I honestly didn’t expect ‘From Paris With Love’.

It is as if someone sat down and thought “I know, US foreign policy isn’t currently very popular, let’s make a film that will offend more people than that.”

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Dracula James Reece, an aide to the U.S. Ambassador in Paris who is doing little favours for the CIA and hoping to move into that field of work. He ends up working with Charlie Wax, aka a large, bald, grumpy, racist and offensive caricature played with obviously glee by John Travolta.

from paris with love

Travolta runs around being large, bald, grumpy, racist and offensive with Rhys Meyers wandering along with him – whilst holding an oriental vase of coke for rather a large part of the film.

Unfortunately Rhys Meyers looks and sounds like when he played Dracula, so I keep expecting him to get bored and rip out someone’s throat.

I have tried to get rid of this film twice before, both times it was returned; hopefully the third time will be the charm!

With that in mind I am going to include spoilers right about now… James Reece’s girlfriend Caroline is a terrorist who likes Volvos. Charlie blows up the Volvo with a rocket launcher – whilst on the motorway, James shoots Caroline. James and Charlie bond, the audience wonder why they bothered.

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