Book: Laurell K Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ and ‘Blue Moon’ (Anita Blake 7 and 8) – “When you apologize, try not to smile at the same time. It ruins the effect”

Nearly there with what I own of the Anita Blake series, I remember book 9 being fab so I just need to get through these last two then I am in for the good stuff… if my memory is accurate and I am beginning to wonder after the last few books.

Please don’t read the below if you are under 18 or over 18 and easily offended/immature, the book isn’t suitable for you at all and it’s impossible to comment on the book without touching on some of these themes. Oh yeah, may contain triggers, sorry about that but Hamilton seems to frequently uses rape as a plot device to show that someone is in peril.

‘Burnt Offerings’ starts so promisingly, Anita is approached about a case, an actual case that doesn’t involve bonking the vampire Master of the City, that doesn’t involve her dating him or the now properly alpha werewolf Richard. Weee…. And then crash down to earth as there is some vampire politics going on, specifically Asher (J-C’s long lost male lover) has returned to town and is an unhappy vampire about so many things – including the holy water scars that cover one half of his body.

burnt offerings

The plot is not terribly robust, actually it is window dressing for the rape, gang rape, descriptions of Anita’s sexy outfits, torture, heavily implied sexual use of a possessed body without the original occupant agreeing to it (which is rape), rotting vampires, rotting vampires threatening to rape people, more torture, did I mention rape? That pretty much covers it – apart from Nathaniel which then starts going into S&M sex and gosh I’d honestly forgotten that occurred before book 10, I am not comfy going there.

If the sex had actually been consensual then this could have new genre – paranormal smut. As it mostly wasn’t consensual (or necessary) then that just makes it charity shop fodder. I am not really happy with reading about this much rape and it doesn’t feel like entrainment at all.

Additionally it is getting annoying that  Anita thinks she is the centre of the universe by this point in the series and all the men let her carry on that way.

‘Blue Moon’, I was not looking forward to reading this after the rape-fest that was the last book. But at least we start with ALLEDGED rape rather than actual rape.

blue moon

Not that Richard did it, but he has been shagging all sorts and probably is horribly infested with STDs by now. We also have Nathaniel’s creepy demands for S&M sex, were-leopards are not healthy and well-rounded individuals in these books and I find it actually pretty disturbing to have a main-ish character who is too messed up to stand-up for themselves or use any common sense. For example, if the nice people want to cut you up whilst ***king you it might be a good idea to walk away before they gut you and leave you for dead. Or at least have a safe word and a minder to enforce it for you.

I am so done with rotting vampires, just die the true death already!

Anita has super powers, everyone is in awe at her, she randomly does something stupid and now all the werewolves are chasing her to ***k her… erm wow I wish I was making that up.

Origanlly when I read this books I must have either not actually connected them to reality or I was a silly little girl then and events of the past year have made me grow-up. I am personally mortified to own something that is this flippant about sexual violence and consent.

This series is miles away from a healthy relationship with sex, even when it isn’t rape-obsessed it’s unhealthy’ it’s all guilt and worrying about what people will think, without actually engaging your own brain and working out what is best, what is a good idea and what sort of compromise will be needed to ensure a healthy relationship with these people – be it as friends, as lovers or as casual sex.

The message seems to be  that Anita surrounds herself with men and her self-worth seems to be about how she has these two men that she loves and she can’t pick just one, so instead she runs around making crazy impulsive choices and everyone treats her as if she is special.

I am not keeping either of these books as there is too much rape for me to want to reread them ever again.

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