Film: Gamer – “This is unbelievable! Why am I not dead yet?”

It isn’t a good start when you have a vague feeling that you might have seen a film but aren’t actually sure… and this feeling lasts all the way to the end of the film. Even now I am unsure if I’ve seen ‘Gamer’ twice in my lifetime, however I am sure that I am never watching it again.

Basically some sicko entrepreneur sticks nanites into people and lets them hire themselves out to be controlled by other people – largely for sexual or humiliating purposes. This game is called ‘Society’ and looks like a deviant version of ‘The Sims’.

The sicko entrepreneur then manages to use the more lethal end of the prison population hooked up with nanites, arms them and calls that game ‘Slayers’

gamer film

Parking the fact that there are very few governments in the world sick enough to permit either of these ‘games’ to exist on their shores the premise is beyond suspension of disbelief. After the first videos hit YouTube of how much depravity you can force on people in ‘Society’ there would be a massive shortage of nanite-infested people willing to be controlled. In the same way prisoners do have rights and that will generally exclude being shot-up on TV for other people’s entertainment.

Given the premise of the film and the target audience – despite the 18 rating it seems squarely aimed at 14 year old males, women aren’t represented very well in it at all.

The most interesting thing about ‘Gamer’ is that it was filmed in Albuquerque, the most notable thing is that the ‘Avengers 2’ trailer makes much better use of the “got no strings” song.

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