Kooky dough triple chocolate chip – Easy to make cookies, what could go wrong?

Kooky dough is a 300 gram roll of dough, pre populated with chocolate.

I bought this because it was on offer, it involved chocolate and cookies, as well as I owed someone a treat. In hindsight the offer wasn’t massively generous, I paid £2.25 rather than the RRP of £3.

Kooky dough

The name was sort of appealing, as was the idea of simple cookies – there is even a baking sheet included in the packaging. The idea is you squish cookie shapes out of the dough and cook them.

Unfortunately the resulting product wasn’t to my tastes at all, it tasted like the US boxes of cake mix that require you to add oil and for a triple chocolate cookie there wasn’t much chocolate taste!

Checking the ingredients listing there is 7% of milk chocolate chunks, 7% of white chocolate chunks and 7% dark chocolate chunks, so it isn’t massively stingy despite the plain taste. Also there is actual egg and butter in the product so it shouldn’t have tasted so oil-based.

Nice idea, disappointing product.

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