Lisa Shearin’s ‘Magic Lost, Trouble Found’ – “I wouldn’t be comfortable, but at least I’d have marginal protection against pointy steel objects that went stab in the night”

I bought this, very cheaply, because someone whose writing I like recommended another of Lisa’s book. I read the recommended book and wasn’t too sure what to think – it is overdue a reread, but I read the first chapter of ‘Magic Lost, Trouble Found’ online so when I found it cheaply it seemed worth a go.

Raine Benares is a seeker, basically a low skilled sorceress who finds things for people. Her friend Quentin sometimes helps her find things – usually because he is in possession of them having been hired by someone else, however he has a poor sense to accept the job of stealing an amulet from a necromancer and ends up swarming with Goblins.

The Goblins are after the amulet due to its links to a soul-sucking stone, unfortunately the amulet likes Raine better…

magic lost trouble found

Raine is likable enough, she has some interesting friends already, she makes some new ones and the plot wanders along nicely. However whilst I like the book I don’t love the book, I don’t even overly care what happens in the next books – there are a total of six in the series, I don’t care which one of the two potentially eligible (and interested) men she ends up with and I am unsure if I even want to keep this book.

I don’t usually have such vague feelings towards anything – for example at this split second I currently hate the disorganised person who is buying my home, I am looking forward to watching a specific TV show later and I am craving home-made sausage rolls, so I am a bit confused that I’ve read a book and have no emotion whatsoever apart from the knowledge that it exists.

I think this is probably grounds to get rid of the book and maybe see if I can find the rest in a library at some point. Whilst I am at it I may as well get rid of ‘Kitty Goes to War’ as the evil 24 hour convenience store chain is a cooler idea than the book was able to utilise. In fairness even the Japanese film Cursed (aka ‘Extremely Scary Story A: Dark Crow’) didn’t really know what to do with the idea.

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