Nails: I love you… not – Unexpected guests

Rumour has it my sibling is planning to pop back to the UK (from Japan) at point over the festive period. I am the only living relative of note in the UK, everyone else found somewhere else to be overseas.

So following the usual pattern I would expect my sibling would probably stay with us for a couple of nights, sofa surf with random friends for a week, then crash back with us and expect a lift to the airport at silly o’clock in the morning on a work day.

scary heart nails

(Photo from Pinterest)

However my parents have given me a heads up that my sibling might have a friend along for the ride – we are unsure if this is a dating sort of friend as they’ve only been mentioned twice, but we are all kind of assuming that they will share a bed as both us and my parents have one guest room with one bed. You certainly can’t sofa surf with two of you.

So potentially my sibling is planning to show up in England and expect a place to stay for two for an unknown number of days but hasn’t actually bothered mentioning this minor detail yet. I am tempted to pretend that I haven’t heard this rumour and see if they do bother to mention it prior to their arrival.

I’m not sure how I feel about having a complete stranger stay in my home, but I suspect that I won’t be overly amused at my sibling if I get no warning. Families are fun…

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