Bahlsen choco Leibniz orange – Ethics and chocolate make strange bedfellows

These were an impulse buy in Waitrose as they were chocolate covered biscuits that I hadn’t tried before and they were on offer. Although I didn’t intend to buy orange flavoured ones I ended up really enjoying them.

Bahlsen choco Leibniz orange

Which is where it gets complicated… Bahlsen use UTZ certified products, UTZ Certified is apparently a sign of sustainable agricultural supply chains – which is distinct from Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance. I am finding all these certifications to be slightly counter-productive as it muddies the water about what “good” is.

After a bit of reading UTZ appears to be the least good of the three certifications mentioned as whilst it provides some safeguards for the people involved in the production of these products and whilst it encourages some positive eco-friendly steps it seems more like a badge used by manufacturers to stand behind and hope that consumers assume it means more ethical things than perhaps it does…

However these biscuits were tasty so every once in a while I might smile sweetly and ignore their rose-tinted corporate double-speak about their impact on people and the environment

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