Nail: Tigger – “Hooray! That settles it. If he won’t jump, and he can’t climb down, then we’ll just have to leave him up there forever”

I’m fed up with my mother visiting, she does random things at random times and with very little warning.

She has good intentions, probably, but I don’t feel the need to do the washing up every time a spoon has been used and I dislike my fridge being reorganised – especially as she apparently doesn’t follow the rule of keep raw meat and cooked meat on separate shelves.

If I’m feeling charitable, which I’m not after a week of her staying with us, I would describe her as being like Tigger – always bouncing and being oblivious of their impact on other people.

tigger nails

(Picture from Pinterest)

I don’t really know this woman, I never understood her and that was before the personality change that tumours brought. She barely eats, which I find confusing, she drinks lots of grim smelling herbal teas and refuses to make decisions – claiming that she is “easy going” which oddly enough is really REALLY hard work.

However, there is only one of her so I suppose I’d better be grateful realy.

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