Film: ParaNorman – “Mom, tell the Zombie to stop saying stuff about me!”

‘ParaNorman’ is a stop-motion animated horror comedy with a PG rating. That combination should mean that it is aimed at children – or at least accessible to them! However the plot revolves around Norman who is an 11 year old boy who speaks to ghosts – including his grandmother, and the town’s execution of a witch 300 years ago.

Oh yes and zombies, lots of zombies.  


It is a fun film and nicely done but due to ghosts, zombies and witches I’m not sure that it would be suitable most children under 10 – although my parents wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

The other thing to note is that there is an openly homosexual character in it, personally it was fab to see their sexuality mentioned in passing and be treated as being an entirely unremarkable, however I am pretty darn sure that my sister-in-law would freak out at her children being ‘exposed’ to this. Although given she is keeping them away from Scooby Doo because it is too scary and she doesn’t want them to know about monsters perhaps she would freak more at the zombies and witches…

Which makes me all the more inclined to buy it for them so that their minds are broadened as much as possible!

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