Film: Escape plan – “You let me go, and I’ll pretend this never happened. If you don’t, I’ll burn this f***ing place to the ground on my way out.”

There are a number of Arnie films that I like and because of these I generally trust that I will get some measure of enjoyment from any film that he starts in – I am aware that this is probably a false trust, however even ‘End of Days’ was amusing in a bad way!

Inexplicably I don’t feel the same trust with Stallone – he has been in good films including ‘Rambo’ and ‘Tango and Cash’ but I’ve seen ‘Stop! Or my mom will shoot’ and that appears to have left lasting scars.

escape plan

I rather wanted to watch ‘Escape Plan’ but didn’t trust that it would be good so didn’t rush into it. I was doubly cautious after my sibling, a diehard Arnie fan, said it was dire – although my sibling can be very very VERY faddy and will love something unconditionally until they decide to hate it with the same passion.

So yay to the free trial of Amazon Prime giving me the chance to watch it without spending money, as the stuck in prison plotline wasn’t actually that interesting and Vinnie Jones isn’t that good a bad guy once you’ve seen him do it more than twice!

There is nothing wrong with the film really, but it is nothing new and I’d recommend ‘Face/Off’ as a better variation on the same theme.

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