Book: Rick Yancey’s ‘The Infinite Sea’ – “Maybe you reach a certain point in evolution where boredom is the greatest threat to your survival”

I read The 5th Wave and thought it was ok, I didn’t really see the need for a sequel and, having read it, I didn’t expect it to go in this direction.

First things first, you need to have read the first book before you read this one. With some series you can get away with reading them in a random order, but I wouldn’t recommend try it here.

At the end of the first book Cassie, Ben, Ringer, Sam and a few other random kids have escaped the brainwashing training camp. The second book starts as they wait in the pre-arranged meeting point for Evan to join them.

Evan being the part alien human whose love of Cassie seemingly broke his programming.

Evan is late, Evan may not even be alive, but Cassie refuses to give up hope. Ringer is less hopeful so heads off to the nearby caves to see if they are viable shelter. The Infinite Sea Ringer gets caught and it becomes her story, Cassie and Evan feature but only in a minor way.

The first book was all about reacting to The Others and their annihilation of the human race, this book spends rather a lot of time wondering why The Others did what they did in the way they did – for example why wipe out humanity in waves rather than simply nuke the planet and take the burning rock as their own.

This is a valid thing to enquire about as a survivor – preferably AFTER you’ve won, but it isn’t necessarily that interesting, sometimes the answer can be as simple as “because”

The book ended a little strangely for me, I think the Big Bad guy just admitted (SPOILER) that there are no aliens, that it is all brainwashing and misdirection. That it is humans wiping everyone out. But this was more implied than stated and I’m a little confused.

The last time I checked this series was going to be a trilogy, with the first movie scheduled for 2016 this might change (depending on the box office returns!), I would like to know with more certainty who is behind the extermination of humanity but am not fully committed to reading the third book when it come out.

I don’t recall the last time I read a book and felt so clearly that it wanted to be film or TV – he premise of the series is ok, some of the characters are ok but they aren’t very real to me – they feels like cardboard cut-outs waiting for Hollywood to breath life into them.

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