Wizards shouldn’t be exam invigilators

When you pay £1,500 for a course you expect it to be good and, bluntly, you expect to pass the exam at the end of it – or at least to be able to sit it in a manner that gives you a hope in hell of passing.

It got off to a good start when the external invigorator arrived late – he blamed traffic which is odd as it is 3pm and there is no traffic in central (redacted) at that time.

It didn’t help that he looks like Radagast the Brown from ‘The Hobbit’ – Radagast being the hermit wizard covered in bird poo and with a rabbit pulled sleigh.

He then realises that he has 12 combined test papers and answer sheets and there are 15 people on the course – all of whom are expecting to take the exam!

radagast the brown

So Radagast pops out and uses the venue’s photocopier and we start a mere 20 minutes late.

7 minutes go by and someone who had a photocopied paper says they are missing questions 19 to 24.

The guy checks and they are indeed missing – he asks the other photocopy recipients if they have the same problem and gets no answer either way.

He then asks to borrow a correct paper so he can get those questions, no one volunteers and after his 3rd request I feel that I need to do the right thing.

exam paper

So I loan him my paper and he pops off for 5 minutes. He comes back with the questions and hands it to the woman who noticed the missing questions.. only for her to point out that he’s cut the edge off the page so the question isn’t entirely complete!

So he borrows my paper again to scribble the end of the sentences into this woman’s paper!

And then one of the other people who had the photocopied versions says he is missing the same questions – what a prat!

Needless to say I DON’T share my paper again as it is 40 questions in a hour and I do need to get cracking..

In short it was a shambles and I have honestly not idea if I’ve passed or not… but I will be contesting vigorously if I haven’t!

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