Book: Anthology ‘Hexed’ – “Well, in that case, your magic isn’t working. I’m still an a$$hole”

I bought this anthology because of the Ilona Andrews story ‘Magic Dreams’. However I felt that really should read the other stories in the book – unlike the other two anthologies that I bought simply because they have an Ilona Andrews story in.

Well I did actually try to read the other stories in ‘Must Love Hellhounds’ but the Charlaine Harris story which had the chap with two *you know whats* rather threw me so I stopped abruptly!


Back onto ‘Hexed’, I liked the Ilona Andrews story – but that was a given.

Yasmine Galenorn isn’t an author I’ve read before, her story ‘Ice Shards’ was ok but there were a lot of characters, references and backstory from her series so that made it a little odd to read. It was a cute enough story and had potential but the two instances of strong swearing felt out of place in the story and jarred me out of it at rather pivotal points.

Allyson James’ ‘Double Hexed’ was an interesting premise but it reminded me VERY VERY much of Tanya Huff’s ‘Summon The Keeper’ but with a magic mirror instead of a cat.

I do still need to read Jeanne C. Stein’s ‘Blood Debtand I have good intentions but a total lack of timescales.


For those who are interested, the chronological order of the Kate Daniels series – including short stories, is:

  • A Questionable Client – a short story included in the special edition of ‘Magic Bites’
  • Magic Bites
  • Magic Burns
  • Magic Strikes
  • Magic Mourns – Raphael and Andrea novella in anthology ‘Must Love Hellhounds’
  • Magic Bleeds
  • Magic Dreams – Jim and Dali novella in anthology ‘Hexed’
  • Magic Slays
  • Gunmetal Magic (Andrea’s book) – which also includes the short story Magic Gifts
  • Magic Rises
  • Magic Breaks – which also includes the short story ‘Magic Tests’
  • Magic Steals – Jim and Dali novella in anthology ‘Night Shift’
  • Magic Shifts – this isn’t out until July and I am very excited already.

There is also a Kate’s world story in the anthology ‘Hex Appeal’ but the name of the book puts me off so I don’t have that one… yet?

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