Food: Gu deserts – Pudding contains dead animal?!

I am very aware that a lot of food that doesn’t look like it shouldn’t contain animal products really do and I’m horribly aware that I have been rather lax of late about inspecting ingredients.

Even so I surprised to notice that GU guzillionaires’ puds contain gelatine. This was a surprise as I don’t associate pudding with animal – despite the well know problem of jelly sweets and marshmallow generally containing gelatine.

A quick scan of their website informs me that four out of 14 puds on their website contain bits of animal:

  • GU guzillionaires’ puds
  • Mango and passion fruit cheesecakes
  • Chocolate banoffees
  • Key lime pies

Gelatine is derived from collagen – which is the main part of the connective tissue in mammals.

Whilst I was having a bad food moment I decided to look up that status of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, it is an interesting official answer

“That said, five of our current flavours have brownies and/or chocolately baked goods that have been sourced from the US. Whilst these are suitable for Vegetarians, we don’t use the European Vegetarians Union logo on them”

So Pish Food is listed as being: fair trade, responsibly sourced packaging and cage-free eggs.

As a consumer in the UK I am used to the concept of free range eggs being good and all else being bad, so “cage-free” raises alarms bells that the Human Society do nothing to silence.

Their site informs me that cage-free can be very far from free: “hens laying eggs labeled as “cage-free” are uncaged inside barns, but they generally do not have access to the outdoors. They can engage in many of their natural behaviors such as walking, nesting and spreading their wings. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. There is no mandatory third-party auditing”

Oh bother, I am really not sure that tub of Pish Food in the freezer is sounding so good now.

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