Food: Olives – No animal parts

After the Gu surprise I’ve decided that it might be a good time to start treating my body a little more like a temple, so I decided to try eating olives again. I don’t actually really like them, but I keep hearing that they are good for me

 Last time I tried eating them for a bit with only the vaguest of ideas about why they were good for me – and also with no idea of sensible serving size!

 I did look at a variety of random internet pages and the consensus olives in small doses are generally deemed ok – this being under 100 grams or somewhere between 4 and 8 olives.

They are healthy because they contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids which promote good cholesterol and also something called oleocanthal which *might* have anti-inflammatory properties – if it helps my knee I will try anything!

 Black olives are supposed to be particularly healthy and you need to avoid dodgy genetically modified oils such as Canola.

As the Mediterranean diet is still being pushed as being fab this is probably worth the effort of choking the darn things down.    

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