Yoga: Utkatasana Explosions – Laughing whilst falling

I recently came across the concept of utkatasana explosions, this was a complete curveball and also very exciting!

Utkatasana, which seems to be pronounced OOT-kah-tah-sahn by most of the yoga teachers I’ve worked with, is also known as chair pose and has  never been massively popular in any yoga class that I’ve attended. It involves bending your knees as it you are going to sit down… and then hanging out in that position!

 Yoga Journal has a good description of the core pose, but basically:

  • You stand tall with your feet as together as you can
  • Raise your arms above your head at about 90% – aka perpendicular, with your palms facing inwards.
  • Bend your knees, the aim is to have the thighs nearly parallel to the floor – the reality may be very different!

The explosion element is then lifting up one leg and tucking into a ball whilst standing on the remaining leg, then popping out into a stretch with all three non-standing limbs.

I am wobbly as heck at the moment still, but it is fun!

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