Curious: Feeding birds VS Google – I didn’t need to know *that*

As part of giving the house cats cats interactive entertainment we bought a rather large and high bird feeder to put in the backgarden by the full length windows.

It took a couple of weeks for the birds to overcome their fear of new stuff but we are starting to have a few more regular birds in the garden – it turns out that starlings really like fatballs!


(Photo from – who rather gloss over the eating-other-birds-alive part)

This morning we had the first Magpie, but he wasn’t looking convinced at the bird food on offer.

So I googled “magpies eat” – the 2nd result is a YouTube video of a magpie eating a live bird. Bad Google.

I am now somewhat less fussed about if the magpies like what we are offering them, after all they can always eat the pigeons…

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