Book: A. R. Winters’ ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ – No, please do

It may be entirely possible for free Kindle books to put someone off reading.

I had tried one of A. R. Winters’ books previously and found it very light but not to bad – certainly it hadn’t put me off free books or that specific author.

However the second book I picked up by them was a very different experience – ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ didn’t cost me anything but I regret the time I spent reading the first three chapters and the ending.

The characters were too bland yet simultaneously annoying to live, let alone care about.

The plot stank – even for a paper thin murder mystery, the ending was particularly unbelievable – not who committed the murder but the bit with her flatmate and his father.

I took great joy in deleting it from my kindle app! And yes I feel mean saying that but it is true!


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