Nails: Sometimes “no” is for your own good

“Thank you” is a little word but it can be powerful if used correctly.

My sister-in-law has yet to master this, to illustrate; my husband and I got a “thank you” card for her children’s Christmas presents arrive on the last day of February. This in itself is almost funny – in an AT her sort of way, however at the weekend the mother-in-law mentioned that s-i-l thought she had posted the card previously but was turning out her bag last week and found three cards at the bottom of it.

no nails

(Photo from pinterest)

If that had been me I would have popped a quick text message over to the three people concerned BEFORE the cards arrived, just to set the scene, but nope the sister-in-law instead asked her mother to make a half-assed apology on her behalf.

My husband’s response was that we might buy the children presents in future (including for the birthday a couple of weeks ago where we sent a card though the post but hadn’t posted a present – although we were considering handing one over the next time we are up). My response can be summed up as “screw this!”

I am not sure what we will actually do for presents ongoing, but I’m not seeing the appeal of giving if “thank you” is such an afterthought for these people.

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