Waterpik – Water boarding for dummies

Flossing is important according to every dentist ever and apparently should be done once a day before brushing. I used to prefer floss picks but I can’t promise that I was using them every single day.

Then my husband suggested getting an airflosser, aka an electric device that forces air and water at high speed through the gaps between teeth. Crucially it lets you control when the burst happen as you need to press a button to deliver each blast.

We bought a pretty expensive Philips model and it lasted for 14 month. One day I tried to plug it in to charge – when completely dry, and it left 3 inches in the air and started making a whining noise when plugged in.

dentist - telegraph

(Photo from telegraph.co.uk)

The warranty turned out to be worthless, so I wasn’t too inspired to buy a direct replacement!

I had heard a lot of good things about WaterPiks so thought I’d look into them. I read a lot of reviews and compared models to ensure that we got one that worked for us – for example our bathroom has zero plug sockets in so the product needed to be cordless, faffing with tiny water holders, multiple different tips sounded fun, etc, etc.

What none of the reviews mentioned is that using a Waterpik is a bit like being water boarding; at the toggle of a button there is a torrent of water unleashed that only stops when the reservoir runs out (45 seconds worth of water) or when you overcome your shock enough to flip the switch into off mode.

So that was different… and it hasn’t been a great success really!

Maybe I should end my boycott of Philips and just go back to what we know.

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