Book: Stacey Jay’s ‘Blood on the Bayou’ – “We’re people who knew older versions of each other too well to ever see the new person standing in front of us”

I gave away ‘dead on the delta’ after reading it once, but it came back so I felt I should reread it to see if it improved after the shock value of needless cruelty to animals was diminished because I knew it was coming (and could skip over those sections).

Skipping those section meant it was actually ok on second read and I was curious as to where the plot was going, so I found a very cheap copy of book two ‘Blood on the Bayou’ to call my own.

It built on from the first book rather nicely, there are still mosquito-sized fairies with poisonous bites, Annabelle is still rather dysfunctional but now has the start of powers from the injection that the invisible Tucker gave her. I won’t comment on anything else that Tucker is also giving Annabelle as Cane is still on the scene…

Blood on the Bayou

Also Hitch is still hanging around – despite having a pregnant fiancée, and wants Annabelle’s help investigating what seems to be a secret government funded lab.

The book twists and turns somewhat, to the point where no one can be trusted and unfortunately it doesn’t get resolve in this book… nor has a sequel come out yet… so if you are impatient I wouldn’t suggest reading this book just yet…

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