Film: Mystery men –“ Well, if we could just step out of our literal minds, just for a moment”

I wanted a funny film to distract me from the flu but not too funny as I currently start coughing when I laugh. ‘Mystery Men’ was on the iffy shelf and I didn’t remember it being that funny so it seemed a good film to watch.

It wasn’t funny, it was just weird. Three sort of superheroes step up to save the day when the stereotypical (and successful) superhero goes missing. There are lots of attempts at jokes that fall flat, there are fantastical costumes and gadgets that also under-deliver and there is a vague sense of “is this it?” pervading the film.

mystery men

Two hours is a long running time for a comedy and it should have been edited down to keep it sharper – but that would imply there was a script and it didn’t feel like there was one – at all.

‘Mystery Men’ wasn’t smart enough to be self-knowing and it wasn’t funny in its own right, following the Sony leak there was amusement over the budget of the  ‘The Interview’ which apparently featured £241 on a “table of weed, coke, pills and panties” and I think the budget for ‘Mystery Men’ probably featured similar expenses as  I can’t explain how they spent $68 million otherwise.

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4 thoughts on “Film: Mystery men –“ Well, if we could just step out of our literal minds, just for a moment”

  1. If you think Mystery Men was bad, you should read the source material of Flaming Carrot comic books. I absolutely love this movie, as well as the comics that inspire them, but the dry absurdist humor definitely has a limited appeal. Course, now that you reminded me, I think it might be about time to pull this movie out again for another re-watch.

    • I think Monty Python may be as close as I’ve been to dry absurdist humour and even then small doses is required to ensure that I find it funny rather then flat out odd.

      although now I feel compelling to track down the comics which inspired the film. Thank you for the recommendation of sorts in their direction!

      I hope the film is as good for you as you remember!

      • If you didn’t like the film, I can’t imagine the comics would work for you at all. They’re silly, but borderline psychopathic

      • Perhaps, perhaps not – either way expended horizons are interesting.

        Borderline psychopathic sounds intriguing! Do you think if the film had been taken of the leash of a PG rating it might have had somewhere to really go?

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