Lucky – Lottery wins aren’t everything but I’d still like one

The Husband turned around the other day and implied that we didn’t have good luck.

Luck can be a tricky thing to define, not crashing into a ‘person’ who swerved in front of me seems pretty lucky and I’m still surprised how often this occurs on the new motorway part of my commute. However this perhaps might not immediately obvious answer if someone askes “are you lucky?”

Winning the lottery is perhaps an easier thing to consider lucky. Our lottery wins are not big but I don’t think they are that dire – winning anything is a good thing surely?

I’ve played 10 times since 3rd October and have won 3 times… admittedly all three have been in the last 5 weeks… 17th Feb (£10.60), 13th Mar (£8) and 20th Mar (£10.10).


(I had this image in the media library… so I used it on here previously… I really hope that I credited it properly at that stage and totally intend to check and then fix the credit here – it’s totally not my picture as my cats would have EATEN the money, not just rolled in it)

Admittedly playing those 10 times has cost me £20 and so that leaves £8.70 of actually winnings…

And then if I look back to 18th April 2104 I’ve played 23 times and won £2.70 on 30th April 2014 and £6.40 on 21st May 2014. So a total of £37.80 won against a spend of £46… oops.

But there was a chance of win more… it just didn’t happen!

I’m unsure if adding in the £25 that we won on premium bonds is worth mentioning – we’ve held 100 bonds for 3 years and according to Money Saving Expert this isn’t bad at all.

So I don’t know about lucky,  but let’s say it could be so much worse and that is something to thankful for!

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