Film: Stake Land – “Waitin’ for the messiah, but… he never came. Death came in its stead. And it came with teeth”

I’d heard very good things about ‘Stake Land’, but I can’t remember from whom. I was convinced my sibling had raved about it, but they deny this. Perhaps it was the friend who gave us flu – although I am blaming them for pretty much anything at the moment.

Either way, ‘Stake Land’ was watched and the hype seemed overly generous.

stake land

The plot is simple, boy watches family experience death by vampires, is rescued by a grumpy man, grumpy and boy go wandering across America looking for the safe zone.

Which is pretty much the plot to most post-apocalyptic films ever.

There is no humour, no wit, no spark that sets ‘Stake Land’ apart from anything that has gone before it, the only thing is does have is Connor Paolo in the lead role. Unfortunately for Paolo I’ve seen ‘Revenge‘ and his character was an awful waste of space in that, so spent I most of the film failing to suspend my disbelief and increasingly finding that he felt like a waste of space in this as well.

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