Film: ‘Cursed’ – “I guess there’s no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf.”

‘Cursed’ is a 2005 teen horror directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, these three details (date, director, writer) led to certain expectations; namely it won’t be straight horror – there will be attempts at humour (which may or may not work), and it will have plot holes you could drive an SUV through.

Also the plot will feature young adults/teenagers in situations with inexplicably few adults. Which is how Ellie (Christina Ricci) is the indeterminately aged sole guardian of her brother Jimmy (Jess Eisenberg) and has a creepy older boyfriend in the form of Joshua Jackson. Whilst Ellie and Jimmy’s lack of parents is covered it is interesting to note that none of Jimmy’s peers appear to have parents either.

One night they are involved in a car accident that ends up in the woods and are mauled by a creature. Stuff then happens that requires varying degrees of suspension of disbelief – ranging from “a lot” to “as much as you can muster”.


Part of the need for lots of suspended disbelief is due to the rampant inconsistencies with physical objects in the film – for example Ellie’s hair is entirely inconsistent (sometimes in the same scene) and various windows, doors and other things magically repair themselves. It transpires that there was a mid filming hiccup and a lot of rejigging (and rewrites) to the extent that it is a minor miracle the film was unleashed on the world at all.

‘Cursed’ isn’t as self aware as ‘Scream’ but it has enough knowing winks to make up for a very familiar plotline. Everyone in pretty and hip to the extent that it feels less like a horror film and more like an advert for the latest must have product.

Despite this multitude of flaws it was an amusing little film that didn’t require too much brain power, had no shocks or twists that couldn’t be seen a mile away and had curiously little blood splatter for a werewolf film!

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