Nails: Dreamcatcher – What if it broke and ate the good dreams?

Dreamcatchers look pretty and the Native American idea behind them is evocative – that the dreamcatchers would catch and filter out all bad dreams, leaving only the good one to enter our heads.

I have a traditional style dreamcatcher – as oppose to the over commercialised and garish coloured one that are much easier to buy in this country, it was hard to find and replaced one that I bought in New Mexico but transpired to not survive my nomadic lifestyle

Unfortunately the cats decided it looked like a toy, so the broken pieces are in a box and I rely on the cats to eat the bad dreams.

dreamcatch nails

(Picture from Pinterest)

Knowing my cute harbingers of destruction they probably eat most of the dreams regardless of their nature, chasing them into a corner before ripping them to shreds.

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