Food: Tropicana Essentials Multivitamins – How many different fruits can we shove in one juice?

The horrible stint with flu the other month has made me slightly paranoid about consuming my multivitamin tablets, I’m aware there is a school of thought that says too many vitamins are bad for you and that any kind of vitamin tablet is bad – however I absolutely know that flu is bad and needs to be avoided so that currently trumps all comers.

Which is how I came to try Tropicana Essentials Multivitamins – that and it was free…

tropicana essentials multivitamins

The blurb premise is “A delicious & nutritious blend of 12 different fruits with the great taste you’d expect from Tropicana”. Personally I don’t expect much from Tropicana, their orange juice is ok in moderation and I’m suspicious about food products that are ‘enhanced’ with additional vitamins (or fibre).

In addition to the enhancements there is also the following fruit juices and purees:

Orange  – 33%
Apple – 25%
Pineapple – 8%
Passionfruit – 5%
Mango – 2.5%

So it wasn’t that surprising when there was an weird overpowering taste that someone had shoved too much flavour in this drink.

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