Book: Keith Melton’s ‘The Zero Dog War’ – “What if my destined mate walks past? She won’t recognize me if I hide the wang.”

‘The Zero Dogs War’ had been on my watch list for well over a year, I presume that it was recommended by someone. I knew that it was meant to be funny and silly, I also knew that the book version as £14 but the kindle version was £4.50 – a year ago it was £3.50 so I wasn’t rushing into buying it.

But then I had an iffy week coincide with payday and decided that a potentially amusing book for under a fiver was worth a punt.

The Zero Dogs are a mercenary team lead by Andrea Walker – who is a pyromancer, her team are an eclectic combination of people who I can’t summarise without spoiling some of the fun!.

The plot is also hard to sum up, but I will say that it features zombies, gelatine and lots of sarcasm.

It had a similar jibe to the Jaz Parks series and The Bloodhound Files series, but was a lot more irreverent in its humour.

It was mostly amusing and the plot was certainty different. I’m not entirely sure I will reread it anytime soon and I’m very glad I didn’t get the proper book version!

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