Book: Keith Melton’s ‘Dark Ride Dogs’- “But not being burned as a witch still put me quite a few miracles short of canonization.”

It’s been an odd week, due to a small (and I really do mean small) influx of cash and a few annoyances at work I decided to treat myself to some cheap rubbish that promised to be fleetingly entertaining.

Which is how I ended up buy the sequel to a book that I wasn’t even sure I was ever going to reread – Keith Melton’s ‘The Zero Dog War’ was ok once so I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to by ‘Dark Ride Dogs’.

dark ride dogs

The book is irreverent and mildly amusing, but the team’s constant bickering is slightly grating – I didn’t need reminding quite so many times that the Andrea is holding together a team of misfits who don’t play well with themselves or anyone else.

The sex crazed goblins were more creepy pervy than serious villain material and the ghost clowns were under used.

It was distracting and mildly amusing – which was the aim of buying it, but it did demonstrate how much the original book relied on sheer novelty value to hang together.

Even at the bargain basement price of £2.50 I feel slightly cheated.

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