Book: Tony Bertauski’s ‘Claus’ – “And then they’d all be dead.”

Reading a Christmas story in May just shows how randomly I am clicking on these free Kindle books.

However as I don’t ‘do’ Christmas the timing is only a minor blip, ‘Claus’ is a Young Adult book and maybe a teenage brain would object less to random caps and font size changes – personally it as irritating as heck.


Imagine if someone decided that a heavy handed reworking of the Santa Claus myth was required, imagine if that someone decided that having a human named Nicolas Santa met a being called Claus who had an evil cold brother called Jack.

This is the entire premise of the book from a very early point and as such there is no surprise at the inevitable ending – I didn’t read most of the book as it was slow, dull and cumbersome and I kept hoping for a Terminator style Judgement Day to kill them all.

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