Food … sort of: Gourmet Fisherman’s Delight With Tuna

Healthy food is important for all species, both cats and humans.

G likes Gourmet brand cat food sachets – well he does this week, and would have a tuna addiction if it wasn’t for rationing. F won’t touch wet food but likes tuna a lot.

So Gourmet tinned Fisherman’s Delight with tuna sounded fun – however after purchasing it I took a closer look at the ingredients… it transpires that it is 70% random fish, of which a mere 4% is tuna.

gourmet fisherman's delights

That makes the phase “with tuna” feel somewhat detached from reality.

However the faux-tuna was decanted, offered to G and he ate a bit of it… but without much gusto.

It is good to know that both human and cat food are equally duplicitous in their advertising, but I am vexed that poor G was deprived of something more fun. And F wouldn’t even touch it as it was more like wet food than tuna, poor beastie.

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