TV: ‘Gotham’

a recent email conversation with my sibling revealed that they hadn’t heard of ‘Gotham’ – the TV show that started off with lots of hype and promise.

The first half of season one was entertaining enough but I struggled to get through the second half and still have the final two episodes taped that I must get around to watching.

Still, I was surprised how underwhelmed I was towards the show when I found myself typing 

“You are missing nothing good despite the idea being fun – it’s basically Bruce Wayne as a child and Gotham sinking into the bad place it is in the films. It is sort of light weight police procedural.

The main trouble is they overdo the crazy, it can’t just be a murder it has to be an insane murder. It gets very very dull.”

That said, the 3rd to last episode was surprisingly good and I’m hoping the last two might justify why someone gave ‘Gotham’ a second season!


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