Book: Patricia Briggs’ ‘Moon Called’ – “Dance when the moon sings, and don’t cry about troubles that haven’t yet come”

‘Moon Called’ is the first book in the Mercy Thompson series – as it features werewolves, walkers, fae and vampires there is a lot of background and scene setting contained.

Mercy (Mercedes)  Thompson is a mechanic and can change into a coyote since birth (as oppose to a skin walker who uses a combination of magic an animal skins).

Despite not being a werewolf Mercy knows a lot about them as she was raised in a powerful werewolf pack.

She moved away from the pack but her next-door neighbour is a werewolf Alpha – as this is an Urban Fantasy book naturally he is also rather hot.

moon called

The plot develops slowly but neatly and Mercy’s role in it makes sense, she can hold her own without being too much of a Mary Sue and it is interesting to see how her friendships with a variety of beasties are beneficial without feeling abused.

There isn’t any romance to speak of but groundwork is laid for future books to build on.

It is very clearly a start of  series as there is a lot of telling but there is still a decent amount of action. It is also nice that the bad guy and their motivations aren’t immediately guessable which is lovely.

Some of the minor details that are mentioned as background are really intriguing, for example that the outed fae live on Reservations and the parallels to Native American experiences of such things.

I will say one thing, I much prefer the tasteful grey & black old UK cover to either the US one or the new UK one.

I like this book and have read it several times without wanting to get rid of it yet – which is a novelty!

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