Film: Warm Bodies – “I can’t remember my name, or my parents, or my job… although my hoodie would suggest I was unemployed.”

I taped ‘Warm Bodies’ when it was on Film4, I was mildly interested in it but I didn’t expect it to be that good.

So I turned it on when the Husband popped to B&Q for more supplies for his latest project, I thought it would kill half an hour or so  but I was still watching it and laughing when the Husband got back nearly an hour later – and then he started watching it!

warm bodies

Pllotwise, most of the world’s population is now undead, feed on the living when they can find them. The Living hide behind a walled off section of the city and occasionally send out groups of teens to look for food and supplies.

R is a zombie, but he is different, he can think and observe what is happening to himself and others. Initially the first chunk of the film is narrated by his thoughts, as the film progresses he starts slowly remembering how to talk out loud and talks to Julie – the human he inexplicably rescues from being eaten.

warm bodies still

It was a funny film with nice dialogue – often  R talking to himself which makes it funnier as it is such a contrast to his shambling zombie state.

It is also fundamentally romance – although happily there is no necrophilia 🙂

There is actually no gore or anything icky at all, which feels somewhat odd in a film about zombies!

I’m not sure if it would stand up to rewatching but it was surprisingly fun the first time!

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