Garden: Roses VS Aphids

When the rose randomly arrived I did some reading about general maintenance and how to have a happy rose bush –  but at that stage no one mentioned aphids.

It turns out that aphids are actually rather prolific and once they get started they seem to multiple surprisingly quickly – which is bad as they munch through leaves and buds.

I had hoped for an non-chemical solution, so I asked the internet and was a bit disappointed at the response. Apparently ladybirds are best – but we don’t have any naturally, so I’d have to buy some online, hope the postman doesn’t squash them and then put them in the fridge for a bit so that they don’t fly off immediately the second you release them…


(Photo from the Independent)

To be fair my in-laws happily told us that they put a dead mole in the fridge last week – to keep it fresh so they could show their grand daughter… so ladybirds in the fridge sounds almost sane by comparison.

Although ladybird larvae don’t have to be put in the fridge as they have no wings. I didn’t look up if I could buy hoverfly larvae or lacewing larvae online but someone probably sells them!

The other alternative is bug spray, toxic toxic bug spray – which is what I went for short term.

Longer term I am going to buy – or build, some ladybird houses and look at obtaining some ladybirds and hoping for a good postal journey!

On the plus side looking up aphids online taught me a new word, apparently lots of types of aphid are “monophagous” which means that  they feed on only one plant species.

Which means the bothersome black bugs on the cherry tree are probably some other sort of aphid – but it’s ok I can probably spray that with evil toxic chemicals too…  *bother* I really need to buy some ladybirds…

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