Book: Chloe Neill’s ‘Blood Games’ – “A vampire sex warrior can never show too much cleavage.”

It was a shock to realise that ‘Blood Games’ is book 10 in the Chicagoland Vampires series – and book 11 has been out for months.

I’d held off getting 10 (or 11) because whilst I like the series I am not convinced that each book actually offers very much new stuff. For example the series can be summed up as having several core themes:

  • There is a big bad who usually lasts for a couple of books
  • Merit eats a lot of food
  • Mallory and Catcher are in it a tiny bit
  • There is usually some other supporting cast who bob about for a bit – ‘Blood Games’ didn’t even feature the shapeshifters!
  • Ethan annoys Merit, they then make up.

blood games book

That is pretty much it and I really should be getting bored by now, however I found myself inhaling ‘Blood Games’ in one sitting.

It isn’t even as if I learn anything from these books – except having super friends is just so super… which lets be honest didn’t need 10 books to hammer home.

I know that I will probably want to read book 11 but I am going to try very hard to wait until it drops in price or I need a present from the in-laws.

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